CLIENT: PhantomPlate, Inc.

The company designs and manufactures passive anti-photo-radar defenses. The company has rapidly grown into the world’s largest manufacturer of passive anti-radar and anti-red-light camera products. Its products have received a great deal of accolades and have been independently tested by Fox TV Stations and automotive magazines.


Media coverage created a domino effect in proving PhantomPlate as the most effective solution in the world. The domino effect of news stories on TV created a huge demand for its products. Thus, the client wanted a website that communicates not only the effectiveness of the product but also able to expand the sales strategy through expanded dealership and affiliate network.


  • Redesign the old web design with ease of navigation, streamlined shopping cart, media archive (with streaming capability) and a section where dealers and affiliates can sign up to sponsor the products for sales.
  • Media compilation for over 10 TV coverage stories and over 20 articles on print media from across the globe.
  • Graphic images were formatted both for web and print
  • Use print packages to supplement the expansion of dealer recruiting
  • Ad design in Newspapers (Baltimore and Washington City Papers) and Magazines such as Popular Mechanics, Car & Driver, Cycle World…etc.
  • Leverage traditional print marketing tools such as sales presentation folders, posters, DVD authoring for trade shows and also


  • Traffic to the website quadrupled, sales conversion rate showed significant improvement to 1:150 conversion rate
  • Dealer network expansion spans to 18 countries in 5 continents.
  • Affiliates increased from 30 to 180 in just 6 months